“Genius is the ability to receive from the universe.” -IChing

Cosmology is the study of the origin and nature of the universe. It observes, tracks and makes meaning of natural phenomenon. It seeks to understand how this energy shapes and guides us, both individually and collectively. Cosmology is not only the science and physics of the universe but also the meaning and metaphor behind it all.

Virtually all traditional cultures had their version of cosmology. The ancient Chinese Taoists were among them and from them came the IChing (The Book of Changes). The IChing would become one of the worlds most translated books and one of the earliest influences on Chinese Medicine. The IChing expresses through the use of symbols all the ways universe energy interacts. The broken and unbroken lines express the nature of yin and yang, the 8 trigrams express the 8 primordial influences in the universe and the 64 hexagrams express all the possible interactions between these forces. It is the fundamental text that created the framework for how Chinese Medicine would be interpreted and practiced.

As a result of this influence, cosmology is at the very root of Chinese Medicine. It brings to the table a philosophy about how universe energy shapes human evolution and experience.

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