Client Testimonials

-SB, 39

“Since I began seeing Meagan for acupuncture, a number of chronic and seemingly unrelated health issues I’ve struggled with for years have resolved. I’m in the best health of my life now, and able to more fully enjoy my life. Meagan’s warm presence and holistic approach have been invaluable to me.”

-GF, 31

"Meagan is a rare breed of practitioner who values and emphasizes the holistic view of who you are and what you are coming to the table with. Seeing her for various issues over the course of 3 years, I am always impressed by Meagan’s knowledge of the body’s interconnectedness and intrigued by her insights into the deeper picture of what is going on. Best of all, Meagan stores away a wealth of knowledge about you and your specific patterns, weaving together a larger narrative about your constitution and makeup. For me, this reinforces my sense that I am in the best of hands. All of it culminates in an array of additional offerings: Chinese herbs to complement the work we are doing; recommendations on which foods will be healing and which to avoid; suggestions for lifestyle practices to incorporate and emphasize. Lastly, I have to mention Meagan’s positivity, openness, patience, and gentleness. It goes a long way."

-DH, 39

"Meagan is a warm and friendly person with an acute ability to see how trends within your life are affecting your physical health. She was always willing to discuss different options for diet, health, and wellbeing to support a holistic approach to healing. Also, she's fun to hang out with!"

-KT, 42

"I am truly grateful for Meagan's skills, compassion, generosity, intuitiveness, humor, and joy. She has a deep knowledge of acupuncture and herbal remedies, and consistently goes the extra mile to improve wellness outcomes. She listens deeply, and strives to both learn and educate. Meagan is a powerful holistic healer and a local treasure."

-LM, 29

"I've seen Meagan for over two years for seasonal allergies, anxiety, and general health — all of which have been helped by acupuncture. I keep returning for the attentive service, healing hands, and listeningear. I love the bodywork and cupping, learn self-massage and diet tips, and have all of my curiosities about Eastern Medicine patiently answered in an understandable way. Meagan's even brought me tea from Chinatown to help with colds and health — really above and beyond!!"

-CG, 46

"I came to acupuncture for my migraines. With Meagan's help I am coping much better with this disease. Acupuncture does not just focus on a symptom or one part of the body in distress. It looks at the overall health of the person. I have learned from it that to achieve your optimum health all must be in harmony not just one part of you. When I do take the migraine medication, Meagan has taught me about foods and teas to have to deal with the depletion in my body that happens afterwards. My acupuncture sessions are the time when I can come out of the world, come back to myself and find my center again. Acupuncture is so much more than I realized and Meagan is a knowledgeable and caring practitioner of it."

AR, 33

"Meagan combines her formal knowledge with intuition to deliver remarkable care to her patients. I began seeing her for a seemingly inexplicable GI issue, which we've been able to overcome with acupuncture, herbs, and other Eastern techniques. I've since thrown chronic tightness, muscle pain, and repetitive use injuries her way, and always leave a treatment feeling on the path to recovery. She's taught me how to better tune into my body, and to have compassion for the progress I make toward overcoming long term issues. She's also an exceptionally respectful practitioner and makes every visit rejuvenating and enjoyable."

-NS, 34

"Meagan, and the way she practices alternative medicine, have had a positive effect on my life. From my very first treatment, I knew this was a path I needed to continue down. I felt comfortable expressing my physical and mental state to her, and feeling confident in her choice of treatment for that day. I've lived with tension in my neck and shoulders for a long as I can remember, but after the first treatment I felt relief like never before. She is a wealth of information on natural healing remedies, and allows you the space and time to discuss them."

-BD, 57

“I’ve been receiving treatment from Meagan for over 2 years. Through acupuncture, she has helped me to address longstanding pain and discomfort in my neck, back and legs. Additionally, Megan has helped improve my sleep and anxiety- sometimes through acupuncture, but also through recommending herbal teas. I always leave treatments feeling relaxed and more comfortable. Her warm and careful approach makes visits all the more helpful and valuable.”

-MG , 39

“I started seeing Meagan about three years ago initially for my allergy symptoms. After only a few treatments, I stopped taking my allergy pills and my symptoms of runny nose, itchy eyes, and congestion were gone! As I started seeing Meagan regularly, we decided that acupuncture could help in other areas of my life. I found Meagan at a time in my life when I was grieving the loss of my husband. She has helped me so much in processing my feelings and tailoring my treatments to alleviate some of my depression symptoms. Meagan is such a warm, genuine, and talented practitioner who has helped me more than she'll ever know. She is an expert at her craft and I truly am grateful to have found her.”

-ML, 46

“Meagan Smith provides care that is rooted in not only expertise but also in compassion. She is a great listener and demonstrates an attentiveness that goes beyond the time of her session as she makes recommendations that I was able to follow after my sessions with her. I also found her approach to be quite creative and wide ranging.”

-SM, 31

"I was referred to Meagan to help me work out some knots and tightness in my neck, but the treatments really became so much more than that for me. I love everything about the appointment from the initial conversation to the acupuncture treatment itself and just the overall ambiance and experience. During the treatment I feel so relaxed and at ease that sometimes I find myself falling asleep! Meagan is so knowledgeable in Chinese medicine and reading my body she can tell me what my deficiencies are and give me recommendations as to what to eat and drink to help alleviate them. I’ve learned so much from her and have changed some of my habits in order to feel and live better. I can honestly say that with regular treatments and following her recommendations that I feel and see a difference in my health. I look forward to going to my appointments and seeing her every month and highly recommend her to help with not only aches and pains but to also bring an overall improvement to your life."

-VM, 58

"I first came to see Meagan in January 2013 for severe pain in my legs and back. I was so impressed with Meagan's approach in dealing with one's pain. She has a wealth of knowledge in her field. I was so happy to be free of pain after my treatments. The next morning, I felt like a new man. What I like was the glass jars with the cupping. It was like the pain just quickly disappeared. The results prove for themselves. I will highly recommend her practice to my friends. I have never met a practitioner like Meagan. Each and every treatment was different from the other. All positive vibes!"

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