About Me – Meagan Smith, LAc, MAOM, Dipl. OM

Hello and Welcome to Golden Lotus Healing Arts!

I am a State licensed, board certified and national diplomat of Chinese Medicine.

After ten years of private practice and cultivating my craft as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, I have come to a fundamental understanding about what a true integrated healthcare model might look like. For me, it has taken the form of the 8 pillars, an ancient Chinese healing philosophy that when implemented properly into your life, can heal illness, prevent disease and connect you to your highest nature.

I fuse together my training from classical, traditional and 5-element style Chinese Medicine with Japanese Meridian Style Acupuncture to help my patients reach their health goals.

My practice has taken the form of the 8 pillars, an ancient Chinese healing philosophy.

Alongside my practice of Chinese Medicine, I apply my skills in astrology and spirit medicine to enrich the depth of medicine I can offer those who I work with. I treat a wide array of ages and conditions and consider myself a family practitioner of this medicine.

8 Pillar Philosophy

An ancient Chinese Medicine philosophy founded on an integrated approach to health and healing. This philosophy takes into account the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual components of human existence.

Practice Areas

Classical, traditional and 5-element style Chinese Medicine with Japanese Meridian Style Acupuncture. Also specializing in Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese nutrition counseling, and lifestyle recommendations.

Spirit Medicine

Spirit Medicine is the practice of living in harmony with the cosmos. It observes, tracks and makes meaning of universal energy. It studies how universe energy shapes and guides us, both individually and collectively.

Professional Experience

  • 10 years of private practice as a Chinese Medicine practitioner
  • Teaching Assistant at New England School of Acupuncture at MCPHS

Licenses & Certifications

  • Licensed in the state of Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  • Master’s of Oriental Medicine from The New England School of Acupuncture
  • Clinical Integration & Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis Program with Lonny Jarrett
  • National diplomat of Chinese Medicine, NCCAOM
  • NSEV Healing Certification

Common Treatment Areas

Pain conditions, hormonal imbalances, fertility, stress, depression/ anxiety, auto-immune disorders, trauma, addiction, digestive complaints, allergies and fatigue.

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