Does Health Insurance Cover Chinese Medicine?

Yes, and no!

Many insurance companies recognize and cover one aspect of Chinese medicine, acupuncture. Acupuncture is routinely covered by insurance companies because mounting research studies have come out in support, showing its effectiveness in treating a variety of conditions. It is especially known for treating pain. Even so, there are still companies that do not have acupuncture benefits. Curious if you have coverage? Call your member services line and ask!

Questions to ask you insurance company:

Do you have acupuncture benefits? Do you have a deductible that applies? What is your copay? Do you have to see an in-network provider or do you have out-of-network benefits? How many visits annually? Do they have reimbursement options for out of pocket expenses?

Insurance Companies I Currently Work With

Harvard Pilgrim

(All plans with acupuncture benefits)

Blue Cross Blue Shield

(Affinity Discount Program, 20% off services & Out of Network provider)

United HealthCare

(all plans with acupuncture benefits)


(that cover medical/alternative medicine)

Neighborhood Health Plan

(Mass Health Care members & all plans with acupuncture benefits)

What to Expect Using Insurance

Reimbursement Plans

Some companies will reimburse you for out of pocket expenses related to alternative health services. Generally, it is a percentage. For this I provide my patients with a detailed invoice.

Deductible Plans

Some plans have deductibles. If a deductible applies, you will be responsible for the cost of services until it is met. Once it is met, then the acupuncture benefits you have will kick in.

Copay Plans

Most insurances with acupuncture benefits have a copay. Generally, between $15- $40.


I take all FSA/HSA plans that allow for medical/ alternative health.

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