My Personal Story

“A good healer cannot depend on skill alone. The healer must have correct attitude, sensitivity, compassion and a sense of responsibility.”

  – The Yellow Emperor

I came to acupuncture in 2006 when I was feeling very off about life. I was unhappy, lost, and trying to set goals but couldn’t find my way. For months I was having trouble filling out an online application for a volunteership in Quito, Ecuador. After the first treatment, I came home, filled it out and clicked send! No lie. I continued treatment until I went to live in Ecuador for a year.

While abroad, I participated in women’s rights and anti-violence work as well as provided legal assistance to refugees and asylum seekers. I learned a lot about myself and my place in the world when I was there, but when I came home I still felt lost. Life is a funny thing when you don’t feel connected to your ultimate purpose.

As fate would have it, I randomly moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts upon my return to the States. My life was a jumbled mess at that time and on a whim one day, I looked into acupuncture schools. To my amazement the only school in New England was a town over from Cambridge! The following week I went to investigate.

In those days, I knew nothing about the educational process of going to acupuncture school. I had no idea I would need to take 9 pre-med courses concurrent to a full 3-year Chinese Medicine program. Or that I would need to complete 3 assistantships, 11 specialized clinics, 4 board exams and then go through the licensing process. Even after learning all this and not knowing if the profession would be a smart choice, something deep inside me pushed me to apply and enroll.

Now, after all those intense years of dedication and the blood, sweat and tears that it took to get me to this moment, I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I am honored to be able to help people feel better, to provide them support in difficult times, and to guide them on their journey. Life can be very trying. Chinese Medicine has helped me so much in my own life and honestly it just feels right to extend this experience to others. I hope to work with people who truly want and desire to get better, so that as humanity we can rise up, know our true selves and live in harmony with our own being, each other, the natural world and the cosmos.






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